What Mamma can do!!

– by the toddler

Dedicated to all the mothers of all species of all worlds of all universes.


My mamma is really nice. She is warm and snuggly.

She can stay without zzzzzzs for



what-ma2She can always know when I have to go



what-ma7She can dish out



what-ma3in fifteen minutes which is just about as much I take to recover from one tantrum.

She can



what-ma18She can not be ever without me.

She can launder, dry and fold




sometimes twice a day.

She can save me from



what-ma12She can and does give me


what-ma21but she lets me choose the same book to read every day.

She can smell good without a shower on


what-ma24She doesn’t like it but it only helps me locate her better.

Sometimes she yells at me, then she cries. She makes my cheeks wet with her kisses.

Mamma-s are really nice. They are warm and snuggly.

I think I love mine.


A FISH TALE – only this one is true!

Long time no SEA.  It has been a while I was here. There is always good reason.

I have been tackling a persnickety toddler ,a moody pre- tween and the rivalry between the two. sibling-survival

There is incessant arguing. If the eight- year old makes rules, the two-year old rules! If the eight -year breaks rules, the two-year old breaks. Into a cry. ” Not me”,”It was he” – they don’t get tired. I DO.

sibling-survival1There is always a storm brewing . I have been a mom -seafarer for eight years now and I am feeling like a landlubber. Ahoy!

sibling-survival3I am fishing as soon as it starts to get fishy. Reeling in. Separating.  Giving each his space.

sibling-survival5It is a pretty kettle of fish. Huffing , puffing , singing. I am letting it cough out some steam. There is cribbing, pushing ,occasional biting from the toddler. There is cribbing, pushing, occasional tearing up from the scholar. Then there is this-


A sudden quiet moment of peace , of so much affection, it breaks my poor heart. These moments are so fleeting, I can hardly say ,”aye, aye”. I can never catch glimpses of these on camera and my Facebook wall stays blank!! My reverie is broken by my own voice asserting aloud, “I am the BIG FISH here!!”

sibling-survival4Pretending patience, staying stoic while I give empty threats-


I can hear them silently smiling, gently confiding.

I decide to get their perspective. I ask the toddler if whining , moaning and fighting does any good? It definitely doesn’t get him candy.

He understands and perfectly moulds his face into amusement. He opens his eyes wide so I can not miss the naughty sparkle and then looks down with such grace only to let a smile escape. Ahhh! take the whole jar of gummy bears. Take them. I stop myself.

I ask my lad then if he shouldn’t be kinder to his little brother? He happily lets me take a sneak peek into his journal. I find this:


It is him, upside down, in a ‘sea of slime’. That is how the toddler makes him feel.

This is how being in a sea of slime feels like:

Camera360_2015_10_8_113038Then , I come across score cards :


oh me ,oh my!! records of who won and who lost the argument? I am sure  I can’t breathe.  I weakly ask what if his brother were in a sea of slime? He quickly produces this-

Camera360_2015_10_8_113804” I’ll go get my brother”

Darling, darling , darling.

This will keep our ship sailing.sibling-survival6

And if you like, come on up and see me urchins!