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I am Swati and ever since the Mamma Bug bit me, I haven’t been the same. I live a paradox. And I live it in a box!!

Home , for now is in New Delhi. Tiny and full. Full of love, tantrums , squabbles, hand made baubles and thankfully laughter. I am the girl in a house of boys. BOYS I love to the moon and back. The man from my dreams (I’ll call him Big Bear here) who with his boyish charms has led me to have our two little bears. Going on eight and freshly two.

I love being home and since I can not add space to our miniscule rented apartment, I like to add new dimensions. I craft and little bears take to it too. I cook a mighty lot and my heart smiles reaallly wiiide when the bears look like they relished it. ‘ME – TIME’  is non existent. And I miss it so.

Life is sometimes, all joy and no fun. Paradox !  Do you see?? I am all for getting back some FUN! On a budget of course. I don’t want to figure it all out. I want to live it up. Everyday.

Here I am, imaginary friends with snippets, knickknacks and ‘what’s for dinner ?’s.




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  1. I think you are a bright nugget in a slightly wobbly world. I think you are pretty even beyond what eyes can see. I think no end of how smart, how patient and how lovely you are. I think of you a lot. :-*

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