Only mommy


badcookHe’s here, always there

looking at me

into my nose

uncommonly interested-ly

What’s that? ,with a pat on my new zit

” Don’t worry mommy, you be fine in a bit.”

Time for tea just as I reckon

set in motion hysterics that deafen


How could you, how could you mommy?

bite into a cookie and keep it fromm-e?

You shouldn’t , you mustn’t ,it’s only propriety

now CARRY me ,ease my anxiety.

bring me juice in a glass with a straw

hurry mommy, no more of this hee -and- haw

Where are my shoes? find my shoes

No, not you daddy, it’s mommy I choose


look at me .look into my eyes

says he with a bossy guidance

throws away my book and pretends it to be good ri-d-dance.

Makes a pout-y face, “uh! ridiculous”

a nice touch, just a bit pretentious.

he is an upheaval, a strong force in the universe

the eruption of deep feelings into silly verse

” I need a hug”

” A big hug” says he

from my mommy


and then he calls me “pooh baby!”






4 thoughts on “Only mommy”

  1. It makes me happy to know it could make you smile!! My toddler is upturning everything, hiding his shoes just so I can spend five minutes to find them . He is causing me to involuntarily roll my eyes!

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