Simple Bear necessities


Four bears at home

with all their bear stuffs

warm and fuzzy

the little ones especially

a snuggle sure enough

is a simple bear necessity.


On a rainy day

with muddy towels and tippy-toes

plays one baby bear

and cries the other, out of sheer perplexity

to grow together yet not entwined

is a simple bear necessity.


When wandering uphill

and not carefree

with burdened dusty shoes

In face of too much complexity

for the sake of longevity


is a simple bear necessity.


On days of winter sunshine

light and gold

to seek solitude

and question their notorious brevity

to sulk when the world says happy

to give in to vain vanity

is a simple bear necessity.


For days that do not end

and those that do

in a huff, a puff , a blink

there is no tested remedy

but warm food and a thought to think

for to march on bear paws steadily

is the absolute simple bear necessity.









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