Keeping the home


is how I spent all of last week. The sound you hear is the reverberating cacophony of doorbells and phones ringing, fragile marked cartons being thrown around as if what is fragile huh!,even relatively?

when does it start to feel like home?
when does it start to feel like home?

We moved in last week. Into our new house, and I can’t say yet , “I love it!”. Hear me out, loving is a process, both baffling and exasperating and in this time of little sleep and too much to do , all I want is to look at some familiar sights and eat a LOT of comfort food. Warming noodles in a cup sounds like punishment though the slurp and the slight fiery tang of cheap food will bring me life. Around here I feel utterly deprived of culinary amusements which is  leading to utter cooking apathy as a direct consequence.


I think deeply about how I should be planning menus and writing grocery lists when I should be sleeping instead, I am scared. I must admit to being completely stubborn , for outrageously opening all of our life packed in boxes all at once and not breathing till everything had its place. That was a most harebrained thing to do, I realize now that my mind is egregiously scattered. When you sit on a floor covered in boxes and kids who are threatening to start their meltdowns any moment now and know not where to start, it is easier to promptly ignore ,”don’t do it all at once” and just do it. If only I had come across short-term storage before, I would have lived more readily out of boxes and would be less overwhelmed. Anyway, more absurd than this is to answer the question ,” so you are all settled now?” I always do find myself saying ,”yes”. Oh! well!

Yet, I am not unhappy. A Mexican corn on the cob with feta and corn will make me happy to bits. A juicy lime on the side will make me roll on the floor, now that we have the space. I was wondering last week if we ll make it . We will, now that I have begun to use my paints and brushes, I know we will.

turkish designs in my bohemian home!

From house to home, it is a complex relationship. Imperfect, moody ,consummate even. That reminds me ,I must get dressed and meet Big Bear for lunch. I hope the kids will be nice and we can dig into a large platter of dumplings and cold beer. I know, I know we ll drink in the day. Just a little. We just shifted. We are excused. We ll take a cab back to this place we are learning to call home.



2 thoughts on “Keeping the home”

  1. Many Congratulations on getting shifted to your new home and yes, that period of settling in does seem to take a while! I haven’t moved yet with kids, although it’ll (hopefully) happen within the next few years. I can definitely imagine the added stress and confusion that goes along with it when little ones are involved! I hope things smooth out quickly for you and I hope your luncheon was wonderful! (People drink beer during the day here sometimes too. 🙂 )

  2. Thank you Dakota! Staying packed up, ready to go for a long time unsettled me. Kids don’t make it any easier.You know it! I am finally seeing a tiny light and though I am not yet completely at home , I am trying. Cooking a meal helps . And our luncheon was delightful ,yes! And coming back to our new place sort of cathartic. love.

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